Hi! I am a first time mom taking this journey day by day! I am practicing slow living, and slowing down more and more as my sweet baby grows. I love gardening, eating, and playing sports-though eating really good food is basically my favorite sport. I aim to be more like Jesus in every way, and motherhood seems to be the fast-track for me! Always looking for kindred spirits to join in on the journey.


Hey mamas! I am a wife, mama, wellness instructor, and writer. My life is full but I'm passionate about finding ways to simplify and make room for what I value most.  I want to share with you all the great tips, tools, and lessons that God has taught me as a new mama. My journey has not been easy, but it's had traces of fairy dust to light me up in the midst of my struggle with anxiety, and depression. So glad you're joining me on this path to intentional motherhood and life to the full!