When Do You Stop Nursing?

I was lucky enough to have my baby latch fairly quickly and have been able to nurse since day 1. I know that this is not the case for everyone, so I want to be clear that all of these thoughts, feelings, and opinions are coming from a perspective of someone who has easily and successfully nursed. If this is not your story, I hope and pray you know that a fed baby is a loved baby and no matter your journey, you are no less of a mother if this wasn’t your experience! This is a post from my perspective and I hope it doesn’t add to any of the lies that you are any less of a mother than nursing moms. No way Jose. You are doing the dang thing even if this is not the same route you took and this doesn’t take away form the love you give to baby!

My daughter has teeth now. And I am still nursing her.


2 teeth. Still nursing.

I knew while pregnant that I wanted to nurse for as long as possible. But with every passing month I find myself asking “how much longer?” and having zero plan or answer.

I would love to nurse until my daughter self weans. She nurses several times a day throughout the day and also during the night.

Not gonna lie, she’s nursing right now.

Before I was a mom I had a lot of thoughts on nursing. I didn’t really understand why some moms were nursing their 2 year olds-or 3 year olds. I didn’t understand why you would want to keep doing something uncomfortable and exhausting for such a long time.

But then I had a baby and now I can’t imagine my life without nursing.

Of course there are so many benefits to nursing for longer stretches-especially the bonding benefits with baby. And pumping, well then you got food for life!

But here’s the thing:no one, and I mean no one, know how to stop nursing until they do. It isn’t something any of us learn in school-or is even discussed before baby comes out honestly! I can definitely hear my inner voice being nervous that shes nursing for too long or that she isn’t getting enough or fearing I will have zucchini boobs!

I just wanted to share a post with some real feelings-I have no idea when to stop nursing but I know it’s not now. I am trusting my inner mommy clock to let me know it’s time, and so far that hasn’t happened.

I think that is something we don;t talk about enough-listening to your inner voice for the answers. I don;t mean that in a hippy way(though I love me some hippies) or weird religious way(but again I love me some Jesus). I think all moms have an inner voice that helps us.

don’t ignore it.