More stuff = more stuff

Before you get pregnant, it seems like having so many things for your baby is straight up frivolous.

And then you get pregnant.

And you need it all.


Crib. Changing table. Moses basket. Onesies-enough for 5 changes a day. Homemade blankies. Store bought blankies. Pacifiers. A baby bullet. A thing to make those pouch thingies. At least 2 diaper bags. All the sheets. All the mobiles. Books on books on books.

I’m not judging you mama-I am judging me. And I am with you.

My husband and I might be what one would consider minimalists-we like to say “we tell ourselves we are broke so we don’t ever really have to be” but minimalist works too. We do NOT have a lt of anything-clothing, shoes, books, kitchenware. Negative. We are not without what we need in any way, but we definitely do not care to have many things. Honestly, for me, more stuff means more to clean and y’all know I am not about that life!

I digress.

Once Queen Baby Maya was born I found myself looking on Instagram(I love insta ok this is not a bash on insta it gives me liiiiiiiiife somedays) at all of the things I don’t have-and things she might need! I didn’t buy a bassinet because we co-sleep, but all of the sudden I found myself wanting one. We didn’t buy a sounds machine, we just figured our fan was enough. But then I discovered some cool ones with lights and projectors and found myself wondering why we didn’t!

Here is the thing my friends: more stuff=more stuff.

We all know this. Having more doesn’t necessarily bring you what you are looking for. Having a sounds machine won’t make your baby sleep better if they are teething or colicky. Having a bassinet won’t make you have more energy when you aren’t sleeping and your body is healing more slowly than you thought.

More stuff is just going to be more stuff.

And let’s be real-more to clean, more to organize, more to store.

Do we really need all of this? What is the reasoning behind these desires?

For me, it is a desire to be content. I long for inner peace ALL OF THE TIME and I am always trying to figure out how to simplify. Sometimes having specific things-or imagining my life with these things-makes me feel I will find contentment and peace.

But we all know that’s not true.

I am not here to say do not buy anything for you baby. Or not to desire the best for your baby. We are moms-of course we will always want what’s best.

I think it is wise to take a minute between purchases, or while scrolling, or in those quiet moments of discontentment and ask ourselves why we think these things will fill us.

You don’t need a moses basket to give your baby love. You don’t have to use a baby bullet to feed a baby. You don’t need a million blankies to warm your baby. You can do all of this with little because mama,