Teething...ya it's the worst

My almost 7 month old daughter is teething and its been...

rough. It's been rough.

We've got drool. We've got tears. We've got every kind of teething toy ever made- wooden, plastic, silicone, gel, frozen, warm. 

We've got it all!

My daughter has been a very happy baby-we are blessed. She is fun and friendly and chatty as all get out. But this week, she has changed so much. She is almost inconsolable(except for nursing, but you can only do that so much before they're full).  She gets these sudden painful surges and grabs her mouth. She screams- we are talking the real deal- when I am unavailable (like to pee or something totally regular). She needs mama constantly and no one else-and she will let you know it.

I knew teething would be hard for her. It is hard for all babies. I had no idea how hard it would be for me though. I am not one to let my daughter "cry it out"-to each her own y'all- so hearing her cry so often is an adjustment. I also hate to hear her cry in pain. It's not that fussy "give me that" cry. She is in real pain and I cannot fix it. 

Today was a new level. She cried the whole way home from her grandparents' house. It was awful. I ended up crying most of the way as well! Hearing her cry "mama" really pushed me over that edge I've been staring down all week.

While she cried in the back and I cried in the front(ya, it happened and I am not even close to ashamed), I found myself praying: am I doing something wrong? What am I supposed to be learning here? Am I co-dependent? Do I smother her? Am I loving her enough? I KNOW all moms can relate to asking these questions.

What I learned today from teething is that I have no room on my very full plate for mom-guilt. Not an inch. I am a loving, caring, dedicated mother who has zero answers for teething. Not a one. And you know what? That does not make me a bad mom. 

The reality is this:She will grow teeth. They will fall out. She will grow more. This will not last forever and this does not define who she is as a child or who I am as a mother. I am not defined as a mother by these small moments. These moments of painful teething and discomfort and anxiety are teeny tiny compared to the laughs and cuddles and lovely moments we share everyday. 

So if you need to cry while your baby cries because it just all feels like too much, girl, you betta let those tears flow! You are not alone mama, we see you. If you need anything, you've got a friend here!


-Alexys + Maya