Gimme ALL the oils

LLP is a pretty common phrase in our family-Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint. My mom made rollers for us all with LLP oils and she swears they cure almost anything. Not gonna lie, she’s onto something.

Essential oils have been around FOREVER but are becoming extremely popular-and with good reason. As my mom says, “there’s an oil for everything”. Headache? Peppermint. Acid Reflux? Lemon. Acne? Tea tree. Congestion? Eucalyptus. I can go on for days!

There are a lot of great questions about using essential oils while pregnant, postpartum while nursing, and on your baby. Here are a few important things to know:

Oils have not been FDA cleared or approved and therefore have no regulations as to how much is safe and how much is excessive. Therefore, you need to be sure to do your research and always use food grade oils-these are the purest form and have stronger affects with less chance of

While pregnant:

The safest way to use oils wile pregnant is in a diffuser. Many oils have not been thoroughly tested on pregnant women for obvious reasons, and make them a bit risky. I loved diffusing lemon in my first trimester when I felt nauseous all dang day. As my pregnancy progressed, I found lavender and a DoTerra mix called calm to be relaxing.

Postpartum and Nursing:

Avoid peppermint at all costs! Peppermint has been proven to reduce breast milk quantity, so be sure to avoid this as much as possible. Postpartum I found that diluted rollers (like those found in our shop) were helpful in relieving postpartum pain “down under”. A mixture of frankincense, tea tree, and lavender helped to avoid infection and soothe.

On Baby:

Oils have to be EXTREMELY diluted to put on baby skin. Chamomile oil is amazing at calming little ones when fussy, but must be extremely diluted. Lavender as part of your nightly routine is always wonderful as well-rollers on feet and in the diffuser. Incorporating oils into routines can be very helpful too!

Tune in to our episodes on oils and check out the shop for mama and baby oils-you’ll find all you need there!