In a Holidaze

Anyone else feeling loads of feelings?

So excited?


Tempted to stress?

Can’t wait for it to be here?

I’m with you. I LOVE the holidays so much but approaching them as a mother is brand new and honestly terrifying.

My family and I celebrate advent-the season of waiting for Emmanuel- and it has really centered us to focus on what truly matters to us. But it is still tempting to enter the frenzy of holiday madness. We do not give many gifts. Instead, we have people in our home for quality time, good food, and fun.

That being said, it can be really tricky to navigate conversations with family about what truly matters to us-and not be offensive or critical! I have let all of our family members know that we are taking a minimalist approach with gifts and do not need or want many things. So far I have only had 2 tricky conversations about this!

It’s hard to celebrate and feel joyful and grateful for your family and time with them when you do not feel like you can be yourself and stick to your values. I had a wonderful conversation yesterday with a friend who reminded me of something crazy bananas:

I have a choice.

I do not have to engage. I do not have to attend. I do not have to make unnecessary purchases.

I have a choice.

This is so important to remember as we enter into the Holiday season. You do not have to engage in conversations that make you feel offended. You do not have to attend parties or affairs that make you feel anxious, exhausted, or stressed. You do not have to purchase things for people for the sake of purchasing things for someone.

Now, if choose not to engage or attend or purchase, you may have to have conversations. Prepare yourself, knowing you may need to let people know where you stand to avoid hurting others in the process.

But again, you have a choice.

This Holiday season, choose your family. Choose according to your values. Choose what will leave a wonderful, joy-filled, gratitude inducing experience for you and yours.

Babies grow fast and you only get one first Christmas and so on. Make them count based on what matters to you and yours.

You have a choice.