For the Mompreneur

If you have an idea or a side hustle or a full time business that you are passionate about, you will want to tune in for this chat with the beloved Eloise Rickman from! We talk about rhythms and how to navigate taking care of a small child AND a business! Turns out it is possible!

For The Hard Days Part 2

In this episode LaToya shares what she’s learning and experiencing on a hard day. It’s got some solid realness, an epiphany, some encouragement and a guided meditation to help you settle your weary soul and body with deep breathing. When we say we’re in the trenches with you, we definitely mean it. We got you mama. You are not alone.

Sleep Coaching 101

We're chatting about sleep coaching in this episode and acknowledging alternatives to the cry it out method. We've tried it all and still navigating regressions and everything else right along with you. Every family is different so perhaps our lovely Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Liz Crowley, can help you figure out what method resonates best with you. she also goes over the basics of the role of nutrition here. There are 2 other parts coming where she will talk about what works for different ages so stay tuned!