They're watching you

In this episode we speak with the lovely artist and hero in the faith, Bernadette Speaks about the importance of taking care of our hearts and minds for your own spiritual well-beings well as for our kids who will learn so much from watching us. We get embarrassingly honest and vulnerable, so you know, no mom-shaming please. 

Now and laters

More on rhythms and routines y'all. Because it's so necessary to support each other as we navigate how to spend our time! More on how we do life with littles. What, when, and why we do what we do. Investing in the present and the future makes a difference as we decide how to spend our precious time with our precious littles. 

Present Over perfect

In this episode we launch Season 2!!! We had an uplifting and encouraging conversation with a gracious and seasoned mama who dropped so much wisdom! Pandora Villasenor has shone light on how perfectly ok it is not to be the perfect mom, because it’s impossible and our kids can thrive regardless of our weaknesses. So good y’all.

Managing the Season You're In

In this episode we talk about how to optimally manage your time, prioritize, navigate relationships, and the importance of making time to rest. As parents we wear a lot of hats, we balance a lot, so it's important to intentionally set ourselves and our families up for success in whatever season we are in. You got this mama!

No One Told Me...

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There are a few things we thought it would've been helpful to have heard before we entered new motherhood, so we're letting you in on the mom club secrets. There might be some hard stuff around the corner, but you are strong and you can handle it, and you are not alone mama.  Dive into episode 4!