When Mama benefits, Baby benefits

Why do you exercise?

  • Start with self care that feels manageable and is realistic.

  • It’s ok to change your self care in different seasons of your motherhood.

  • Self care is a mindset. 

  • Self care is sacred. It’s ok to say no to other people so that you can take care of yourself. 

  • Anything that benefits mama, benefits baby. 

  • Check out our time blocking downloadable on the Goodies page. 

  • You are a human with needs and dreams and desires and goals.

  • Take up a hobby or passion that only serves you! Something that gives you life and is not for someone in your family. 

  • Choose to accept your humanity. You will fall short in different ways as a mom and that is real and its ok. 

  • It’s good for our children to see their moms as people with interests and needs. 

  • We get to show our children how dynamic and different women can be. 

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