No One Told Us: Part 2

Heads up: We are extra crazy on this episode:) lol.

You are not alone. You are not crazy. We’re putting it all out there since we don't know anyone who’s talking about it. 

Motherhood is all the things. It is magic, and it is hard. Both are ok.

  1. Teething might last forever. Totally normal. People sometimes say that it gets easier after the first 2 teeth come in. Not necessarily. Things that help: teething toys, homemade popsicles, lot’s of flexibility from the parents.

  2. Self-Care is a must, but it is not always easy to do with small children. If it’s been hard for you to step away and be a person, you are in good company.

  3. It’s ok for your rhythms to change. It’s important to give yourself grace and to be flexible. 

  4. Relationships may change as your life space changes with children, especially if your friends don’t have kids. 

  5. We can’t do all the things at the same time. Something has got to give. Write out your priorities and let go of the things that are not most significant. 

  6. Learn to receive mama. Express your needs in safe relationships. You were not created to function alone. Teach people how to love you and give them lots of grace in the process. 

  7. Find your security outside of your relationships with people. No person can be responsible for making you ok.