Intentional Motherhood

My prayer for my daughter: : Let her feel Seen, Heard, and Loved, and please teach me how to help her feel those things. 

  • Anxiety is when you’re focused on the future, Depression can happen when you’re focused on the past, but truer joy comes from living in the present. 

  • Show up in the moment, one moment at a time. 

  • Mindful Motherhood by Casandra Vieten 

  • Reactive parenting happens involuntarily essentially. Instead of choosing how you’re going to parent you are parenting out of reactions to your child. 

  • It helps to learn from other peoples mistakes and victories in parenting. 

  • Mom and me and mom by Maya Angelou

  • Life is so temporary and we don’t want to “waste the moments”. So we do more on purpose as a result. 

  • Minimize distractions to be able to show up more frequently. A simple way to do this is using time blocking. 

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  • Develops rhythms and routines.

  • Mindfulness tips: 

    • Take a pause. If you can take 5 minutes to be alone and focus on your breath and sink into your body. If you can’t step away, take 5 breaths while you are still in your child’s presence. In through the nose out of the mouth and watch your belly rise and fall. You want the belly to rise and fall more than your chest. This boosts your parasympathetic nervous system to calm you down and slow you down. 

    • Also, iif you’re doing a task it’s ok to stop whatever you’re doing, assess the circumstance, and give your child full attention for 3 minutes before getting back to a task.

    • Pray out loud for a minute or 2, to just express your emotions in that moment. “Your mind is a dangerous place to be alone in.” So verbalize where you’re at. 

    • Acknowledge your feelings without making any judgments about yourself, the feelings or the circumstance before moving forward. 

  • YOU are a person too! You can give your whole heart without losing yourself in the process. 

  • BE empowered and decide how you want to raise up your littles from the beginning. 

  • You are not alone in feeling out of control or wanting to be a prefect mom. So valid. But you don’t have to be in control, and you’re child doesn’t need a perfect mom. Instead of striving for control, let’s strive to parent from love and grace on our kids and ourselves.