The Myth of Balance

The Myth of Balance

  • Forgive the spotty audio, we were so close to the mic so we could talk quietly and avoid waking my napping child. 

  • Books: “Gift from the sea” by Anne Morrow Lindbergh, “Grace not perfection” by Emily Ley

  • You do not have to “balance” it at all at the same time. You are enough. Whatever you’re doing is enough, because it’s your best. There is grace to cover the rest. 

  • We have many distractions, but we aim “to remain whole” in spite of the fact that we can’t do it all at once. What does it mean to you to remain whole in the midst of many things/people pulling you in different directions? 

  • Where does the expectation to do it all come from for you?

  • When you drop some of the balls you’re juggling, YOU ARE STILL GOOD ENOUGH. You bear the image of the Creator. And there is grace. 

  • Do you deflect, or internalize?

  • Change the wording. You didn’t fail. You had a human moment, and you can press restart. 

  • You’re more than a mom and it’s ok to have your feelings. Find a healthy way to process your feelings. (journaling, therapy, self-care, etc.) 

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