How's my peace?

Book: Nourishing traditions

  • God created food to nourish us and it can heal. If you abuse it can hurt, but if used mindfully it can heal. 

  • Homesteading with littles: start with ONE thing. Give yourself permission to embark slowly. Maybe try a garden, or cloth diapers, button both at the same time. 

  • If possible, hire someone for 3 hours a week to babysit so you can have alone time to decompress. 

  • Starting to simplify: go through your stuff intentionally and get rid of what you don’t love, and not you’re not using. 

  • Give excess children’s clothing to a friend and use it as an excuse to have them over for coffee and build your friendship:)

  • Life is not linear, its circular. So no matter where you are, you’re not going backwards or forwards, you are always moving in a direction where healing is available, God is available. 

  • Book: Grace Calls by Robin Weidner

  • Honesty with self, and grace on self are ways to simplify the internal life which leaks into the external life. 

  • Isaiah 32:17 Check your peace barometer to see if you need to scale back. If you’re living in anxiety, you may have taken on too much. 

  • Book: The read aloud family by: Sarah Mackenzie 

  • Bring wonder to their childhood and they will give I to you as well. 

  • We want our kids to learn how to fail beautifully, not to feel like they have to be perfect.