New Fatherhood!

Happy Father's Day to all the dada's out there!

In this episode, our husbands, Andres and Erik join us for a talk about New Fatherhood! Fair warning: Juliana is somewhat chatty on this episode with weird and cute little sounds. 

We asked them: 

  • What are your fears and how have you been dealing with them?
  • How are you intentional with your kids(s) and your spouse or partner?
  • What do we as your wives that helps you to thrive in fatherhood?

Take aways for some encouragement:

  • It's super important to include other people in your processing. It serves your marriage, your relationship with your kids, and yourself as an individual. 
  • Remember that others have gone before you and have dealt with similar struggles. You are not alone, and there are solutions to a lot of things. You got this!
  • If you’re in a relationship with someone, make time for your partner, dates are so helpful. 
  • Affirm your partner on a daily basis.
  • What’s your intention with your kid or partner when you have time with them? (For example, is it to make them laugh?) 
  • Gentle and kind suggestions to your partner to build them up as you give options to support his fatherhood. 
  • Point out the good things your partner is doing. 
  • Support you partner when they want to have time alone or with friends from time to time.