Motherhood makes me a better person

"Everything has changed and yet, I am more me than I've ever been." -Iain Thomas

Book referenced: Sacred Parenting by Gary L. Thomas

Acknowledging your strengths enables you to compliment the weaknesses that arise.

It’s so important to address your own wounds so they don’t creep into your parenting. Not dealing with past hurts makes it harder to be intentional in your parenting, it puts you in a reactive state. 

Yin Yoga, true Yin Yoga,  is a physical practice where you hold poses for long periods of time so that you have the opportunity to process discomfort without running from it. 

Awareness gives you the choice to address something and to make different choices. 

When you don’t share the struggles that come up as a mom, it’s easy to feel alone and worse than other moms. But when you share things with other moms  you are likely to discover that your struggles are similar to those of other moms. 

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Working Christian Mom podcast.

Idea: Put sticky notes or index cards of scriptures or affirmations all over your home!

Psalms 143: 8 prayer: “Lord show me where to go, what to do so that my family and I get closer to you.

Maya Angelou quote: “I do my best because I’m counting on you, counting on me.”  

Being a mom is a privilege. 

Share & Care this week: share with someone a weakness of yours that has been exposed, and also share a strength you’ve discovered in motherhood. Let your strength build up your weakness. 

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