Managing the season you're in

Learning how and what to expect from the reality of the season your in. For example, if you have a newborn that just wants to be snuggled all day you may need to accept that you are not willing to have a perfectly clean house in this season. 

Time blocking!!! Check out this link to learn how to time block:) 

“God gave you enough time, you just need to learn how to use it.”-Andres Granados (LaToya’s husband)

Each season is temporary. It can feel like you’re trapped for the long haul sometimes, but most things are really temporary. 

When your friendship circles change, it can feel personal, but it’s usually not personal. 

Focus on and invest in the relationships that ARE working instead of focusing on what’s not working. 

Coming up with your top 5-10 Core Values to help you determine what to align your life with. consider posting the 10 values somewhere to remind you of how to use your time in a way that gives you the life you truly desire. 

“How you spend your days is how you spend your life.” -Annie Dillard

Take a day of rest: 

  • For Christians it’s a command. Sabbath’s are an opportunity to choose worship or work.
  • A day to practice and remember to put God first with fewer distractions
  • Invest in rest. 
  • This has changed our lives!!
  • Refreshes and restores you to prepare you for the rest of the week.

Mindfully and intentionally navigate this season so you can have life to the full!