Autumn Leaves, Habits, and Routines

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Educational activities you can start with beginning at 6 months old: baby sign language, reading, singing songs with gestures (for example, the wheels on the bus while rolling your arms and/or baby’s arms), and sensory play (edible play dough, water play). 

One week of activities: 

The Park Theme: 


-park outing

-bird feeders from Cheerios with pipe cleaners

-picnic at home with fun foods like ladybug strawberries

-library outing, get books related to park outings

Simplify the Holidays: 

-Give yourself permission to slow down

-Choose a few things you love that help you slow down and let go of the rest. (cocoa, caroling...)

-Don’t do everything!

-Incorporate self-care for sure!

-Home based activities and engagement with friends and family instead of meeting people in other places. That way you can more comfortably work around baby’s nap time and such. 

-Remember its a short season of your life and the next season of your baby’s life it may be easier to do more, but it’s ok to do less right now. 

-Intentionally choose small manageable traditions

-Check out the idea of Advent for Christmas (Book suggestion: The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp)

Intentionally choose ways to engage your Childs heart. 

Season 2 starts in September!! Interviews and much more! Thanks for all your support and encouragement mamas! xoxo