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LaToya’s time blocking rhythms in this season

Try a few things to see how much flexibility you and your family needs. You want a life that serves everyone in your family, not just the kids.

Book: Mindful Motherhood

Align your life, your time, with your core values. 

What kind of childhood do you want to give your kids

Check out the Wild and Free site!

Design your days based on what you want to give your kids in their most formative years. 

Purposeful Work: tasks that include your walkers in building a functional family and home. Check out the little oak learning curriculum for ideas for purposeful work. 

Praising the process vs. praising behaviors: teaching our children that there value doesn’t come from what they do while also still acknowledging and appreciating what they do. 

Create shared experiences that are also really fun and not just productive. 

Take a day off every week where you’re doing things that refresh and restore you and your family. 

Try themed weeks: one week you can do the zoo; take out library books for the week that relate to the zoo, take a trip to the zoo, make a zoo habitat sensory box. 

For our sensory box ideas go HERE!

Teach through play!

Give yourself so much GRACE in whatever season you are in. There is no standard other than love your kid the best you can! You are the best and perfect mother for your kid. 

Socialize your little one. Get together with other kids and moms. Adjust your expectations though. For example, sharing is developmentally tough for toddlers. 

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