I'm second guessing myself

Without representation we can feel alone or wrong. We’re here to say that good moms are moms who do what’s best for their families. Good moms can work outside of the home, from home, for their homes, and any other option that benefits your family. One of us works full time (Alexys), the other goes between working part time outside of the home sometimes, or not at all, or from the home (LaToya). 

  • Your story matters, and someone can relate to it. So please share it with us!

  • Take time to redefine what your identity means to you in this season. Who’s the Me, Myself beyond our roles. 

  • Books: Song of Myself, by Walt Whitman, Gift from the sea, by Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Little Leaders, by Vashti Harrison

  • Step into your own mama! The world wants to be inspired by you. Not who you think you’re supposed to be, but who you really are.