Letters to my pregnant self

Hey girl, it really doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks

  • Trust your instincts as a mother when making choices for your kiddos

  • It’s ok if what works for other families doesn’t work for your family. 

  • When you make intentional choices you can sleep more peacefully because you really did your best. 

  • “When a child is born is a mother is born.”-unknown

Show Up and Look for the Blessings

  • Go through the dark tunnel and the light will be waiting for you. Don’t run from dealing with the hard stuff because there is a reward at the end. 

  • Practice presence. 

  • The knots are being massaged out of our clay so we can reach our full capacity as the most beautiful beings we were created to become. 

  • When it’s hard to see the blessings in the beginning, look for them and dwell on them. But don’t ignore the hard stuff because you heave to address the struggle. But dwell on the blessings. This can come through gratitude. 

Move forward in alignment with whats important to you instead of living from your wounds or fear. Check out our core values worksheet to figure out where you want your life focus to be. 

You can press reset at any time to move forward in a new direction. 

It’s ok to apologize to your little people when you make a mistake.