Sleep Coaching 101

Liz Crowley


  • Pediatric Sleep Consultant

  • We feel expected to be on top of all the things and to have it altogether. And this is not realistic.  No one has it all together. You are not alone girl.

  • Seeking community to deal with the loneliness of new motherhood is so important. 

  • Sleep coaching vs. sleep training: 

  • Sleep training is usually associated with the cry it out method

  • Sleep coaching implies steps taken before that method

  • There is a wide range of what may work for individuals

  • Options for sleep coaching around 3 months

  • Remove sleep props

  • If they cry, pick them up to comfort them

  • Start putting baby down awake

  • Be consistent with sleep routines

  • There’s 4 levels/stages of sleep based on their ages. 

  • After 3-4 months they typically become lighter sleepers. 

  • As they get older they need sleep even more for the growth hormone to be released. 

  • Sleep is directly related to capacity to learn some skills. 

  • Sleep is directly related to health and development. 

  • Sleep is as important as nutrition, and nutrition is as important as sleep. 

  • Every child is so different so there’s no one size fits all. So if you’re not getting the results you expected don’t be discouraged, because you’re figuring out what you’re kid needs in a new season. 

  • If you’re pregnant, consider delayed cord clamping which can prolong the deliverance of zinc to the body which helps with melatonin production which helps them sleep better. 

  • Zinc rich foods for little people especially: leafy greens, chickpeas, liver

  • If your kid hates meat it could be a zinc deficiency. Check with your pediatrician. 

  • Offer a variety of nutrient rich foods so they have options to get what they need. 

  • Remember to have grace on your little one who is figuring it out for the first time. 

  • Remember to have grace on yourself as you figure it out too. You’ve never been in this season, so it’s new and you’re doing the best you can. And that’s enough because the answers will come in time. Remove the judgment on yourself in the meantime as you navigate something new.

  • It will take time to get to know your kiddos temperament and personality. 

  • Sleep routines is key.