For the hard days, part 2

BE more still. 

BE more quiet. 

BE more slow. 

Living a life that is abundant and full requires intentionality. Choose to create space for reflection on what matters most so that you can live according to those values. 

Take time to be grateful. Choose to look for what is good and what is true when negativity is crouching at your door.

When there are hard feelings, or discomfort, the only way to heal is to give yourself time and space to feel what is uncomfortable. To feel sad, or angry, or afraid. Journaling can help to address and clarify what the feelings are. Awareness of what you are experiencing in the current moment can lead to empowerment as you can then decide how to respond instead of responding impulsively. 

Guided Meditation: 

Choose an affirmation. Today the on I’m offering. “I am strong enough to face the discomfort or pain.” 
Breath in “I am safe.”

Breath out “I choose strength.”
Relaxation from toes to crown of the head.

P.S. Apologies for any weird audio sounds that my software picked up from the outside sounds today:)