Minimalism with littles

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Parenting intentionally and purposefully is only made possible with a simpler lifestyle because when there is a ton going on, mentally, physically, or spiritually, all those extras can take our attention off of what really matters to us. Namely, our children. 

Having a simpler lifestyle as a mother can really have a positive impact on your stress level by reducing the amount of cleaning required, among other things. 

Limit the amount of toys so that they can all be cleaned up within 15 minutes. 

Take a pause before purchases to evaluate if it falls in line with your value system. Check with yourself to see if its essential. 

Essentialism vs. Minimalism

Figure out what adds value to your life, and cultivate more of that. Then get rid of the rest.

The 1st step in simplifying, is getting some clarity within for what you want for your life. Have a vision that you can work towards. 

Book: “Getting things done” by David Allen 

Being busy or spending money can be a coping mechanism to escape from things that we don’t ant to address. It can be a way of searching for comfort that makes the problems worse in the end. Before making an impulsive purchase, ask “what am I avoiding right now?” .

The more self aware you are, the easier it will be to take out things that don’t matter. Without honesty you will return to habits that are not serving you. 

Journaling can be a tool for self reflection and to heighten self awareness. You can ask the question without condemning yourself, without the judgment. 

Journal prompts: 

Why do I have this stuff? 

Why am I so busy?